We designed UpLevel Digital Guidebooks with some big solutions in mind:

  • To drive more guest reviews to the review sites that matter most to you.
  • To earn your guides better and more consistent tips.
  • To grow your business using one of the most important marketing tools out there — word of mouth.

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During our Town Hall today, Joe walked our participants through the ins and outs of Digital Guidebooks, highlighting the benefits to your guests’ experiences, all without requiring your guests to download a weird app or other third-party software.

  • UpLevel Digital Guidebooks are designed to feel like your brand, and are customized with your logos, fonts, and color schemes. There is no customer-facing UpLevel branding within Guidebooks, which guarantees your guests a seamless engagement with your voice and your tour.
  • Guests get a branded resource with the history, stories, and menus from all the stops on their tour, as well as a profile of their guide.
  • At the end of the tour, guests can send a coupon for a future tour to friends through the Guidebook, helping to promote return customers, and spreading the word about your tour.
  • Using Digital Guidebooks, one tour operator immediately increased the number of emails captured for their mailing list by 79%.

Here are some of the main features offered with UpLevel Digital Guidebooks:

  • Guides take the lead with Guide Bios and the ability to tip tour guides digitally using a variety of platforms like Venmo, Paypal, and more.
  • Each tour stop is mapped out and gets its own page in the Guidebook, where you can include history, photos, and menus.
  • Guests can leave reviews directly through the Digital Guidebook, with links to the review sites that matter most to your business.
  • Solicit feedback with a customized survey at the end of the tour, and learn in real time what’s working and what isn’t with your tour.

Our Town Hall participants were really excited by the launch of UpLevel Digital Guidebooks. Being the inventive, thoughtful folks they are, they got our wheels turning with a ton of helpful comments and recommendations.

  • Corey from Food on Foot Tours in NYC brought up the idea about using UpLevel Digital Guidebooks as a stand-alone self-guided tour product. We think the Guidebooks would be great for self-guided tours!
  • Chris from Bienville Bites Food Tours in Alabama talked about different ways to keep tour guests engaged with guidebooks throughout the tour to ensure reviews are left, guides are well-tipped, and surveys are completed.
  • Stephen from ATL Cruzers talked about all the different ways Digital Guidebooks can help to capture more emails for his mailing list, and to cross-promote his other tours.


If you missed the UpLevel Town Hall today, join us again next month on Wed, Aug 25th at 1pm CT.


Ready to get started with guidebooks? Click here to see all the options available through UpLevel’s Digital Guidebooks to take your tour to the next level!

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