Nov 2022, Chicago, IL — Chicago Pizza Tours, the first food tour company in Chicago to focus entirely on the city’s most iconic local delicacy, announces their partnership with the team at UpLevel Tourism with the goal of adding value to the well-established brand, and building out the private and corporate events side of their business. 

“I believe tour operators have a tremendous opportunity to grow the private tour side of the business,” says Joe Martin, founder of UpLevel Tourism. “As someone who’s been a fan of Chicago Pizza Tours for years, I’m excited for this opportunity to grow their business together.”

Digital Solutions to Grow Chicago Pizza Tours

UpLevel will help Chicago Pizza Tours in all aspects of their marketing, including a new website overhaul using UpLevel’s data-driven, conversion-focused digital service, ProSites. The new custom site will replace the free add-on site provided by CPT’s chosen reservation service that utilized a simple, one-size-fits-all template and limited customizability. The UpLevel team will engage in extensive consultation with Jonathan Porter, CPT’s founder, to design his new ProSite with a focus on furthering his goals for expansion into the private tour experience space. 

Additionally, UpLevel will design custom branded Digital Guidebooks that function both as fun and attractive value-add to their tour products, both public and private, and as a powerful marketing tool to capture guest data, funnel guests to review sites, and boost guest engagement with the brand after the tour is complete. 

Bringing Focus to Private and Corporate Experiences

With the tourism market still in flux, private and corporate events represent a promising and largely untapped market for food tour operators. With concentrated effort and UpLevel’s expert guidance, CPT hopes to diversify their income base away from a mostly tourism-based model, and gain foothold in a more reliable and profitable area. 

Chicago Pizza Tours is excited to grow their business in the private tour space with the help of UpLevel’s multi-pronged approach to building out this side of the brand.

  • UpLevel will shift the conversation on the new CPT website toward private events where guests will be greeted with a clear value proposition framing CPT as the leader in private food tours. A prominent call to action will guide them into a quick-converting sales funnel.  
  • UpLevel will help CPT build a strong, tested private tour sales process designed to easily convert curious planners into paying customers.
  • UpLevel will design a strategic and effective private tour proposal template that CPT can use to secure private tour contracts and boost the backend value of the brand with their new professional client base.
  • For the duration of their partnership, CPT and UpLevel will work closely together on a monthly basis to further CPT’s goals in a holistic and systematic way, focusing on targeted audience engagement, strategy execution, and revenue growth.

“Oftentimes, when I’m thinking about the business, I’m not looking at the revenue, sales, or the customer mindset,” says Jonathan Porter, founder of Chicago Pizza Tours. “I’m thinking about the breakdown in flour between these two pizzas, the hydration that goes into them, and how I’m going to share this information with my guests. UpLevel helps pull me out of the kitchen to say, ‘you need to sell these tickets first, before you tell people about this.’”

Who Is Chicago Pizza Tours?

Jonathan Porter, a regular contributor to pizza-related book and television content as well as a judge for the US Pizza Championships, founded Chicago Pizza Tours in 2009 as the first operator to focus solely on the city’s iconic pizza culture. With a straightforward mission to provide guests the best and most comprehensive Chicago pizza experience, Jonathan offers a a variety of pizza tour experiences. 

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