This pivot has not only aligned with the company’s growth strategies but has also laid a solid foundation for substantial revenue growth. The initial $100,000 generated from these experiences indicates a promising trend, as Chicago Pizza Tours continues to receive new corporate group requests daily, perpetuating a cycle of growth.

The path to $225k in Corporate Groups

This targeted focus on Corporate Group Experiences is not just about immediate revenue—it’s about building a sustainable growth model. The financial projections based on the initial $100,000 generated from corporate bookings illustrate a bright future:

  • Year 1: Starting with $100,000.
  • Year 2: Additional revenue from repeat bookings (20%), cross-departmental bookings (15%), external referrals (10%), and individual bookings from corporate participants (5%) brings the total to $150,000.
  • Year 3: The compounded effect of these growth strategies on both the original and Year 2’s additional revenue leads to a total of $225,000.

This projection showcases how targeted corporate experiences, combined with a strategic approach to customer engagement and satisfaction, can lead to exponential growth. Jonathan Porter’s Chicago Pizza Tours exemplifies the power of leveraging corporate group experiences to not only boost immediate revenue but also to establish a robust, sustainable growth model for the future.

Jonathan Porter, Founder, Chicago Pizza Tours

Here’s an exploration of the steps Jonathan Porter took to capitalize on this opportunity for incredible growth with Corporate Group Experiences:

1) He made Corporate Group Experiences a bigger part of the initial conversation.

Upon visiting the new website, Corporate Group Experiences are immediately highlighted as a primary offering, ensuring potential corporate clients know exactly what to expect. To cater to diverse visitor needs, the homepage now features two prominent buttons: one to compare tours for public tour guests and a second dedicated specifically to corporate groups.

This dual-button approach simplifies navigation, allowing visitors to quickly decide which path best suits their interests, whether they’re looking for a casual public tour or a tailored corporate group experience. This strategic design choice underscores Chicago Pizza Tours’ commitment to meeting the needs of all its clients, enhancing user experience and facilitating the decision-making process.

2) He states how many people are needed for a Corporate Group Experience.

Understanding that “how many people are needed” ranks among the most frequently asked questions by those interested in booking tours, Jonathan Porter has preemptively addressed this query on the Chicago Pizza Tours website.

Instead of operators spending valuable time answering this question over the phone, the site immediately clarifies that Chicago Pizza Tours can accommodate up to 150 guests for corporate events. This upfront transparency is designed to save time for both the company and its potential clients, allowing them to quickly assess the feasibility of their plans without the need for direct contact.

Addressing common concerns from the outset, the website streamlines the inquiry process and enhances the customer experience, making it easier for corporate groups to move forward with their booking decisions.

3) His website offers a more direct path to Corporate Group Experiences.

In the redesign, Jonathan Porter has significantly streamlined the navigation by eliminating all unnecessary distractions, making the user journey as straightforward as possible.

Now, visitors are presented with a clear choice between public experiences and corporate experiences right from the get-go. Based on conversion research, it was discovered that pages not directly related to the booking process, such as the “About” page, were seldom part of the customer journey.

While these pages can provide valuable background information, their inclusion in the main navigation was found to be unnecessary for facilitating conversions. Consequently, such content has been tactfully moved to the footer, allowing for a cleaner, more focused navigation structure.

This deliberate simplification ensures that the primary action for users—choosing between a public tour or a corporate group experience—is immediate and unambiguous, streamlining the path to booking and enhancing the overall user experience.


4) He created new website pages to establish stronger conversations with future corporate guests.

Under UpLevel’s guidance, Jonathan Porter recognized the importance of treating corporate clients with the distinction their business demands. In response, Chicago Pizza Tours has developed dedicated pages specifically for corporate clients, departing from the generalized approach of a universal private tour page.

This strategic move acknowledges that corporate groups have particular needs and expectations that warrant a more specialized focus, unlike bachelorette parties, church groups, or student groups. By dedicating a space on the website exclusively for corporate engagements, the content now mirrors the personalized and professional interaction these clients would expect in person, providing them with the respect and service they deserve.

This approach not only makes the information more relevant for corporate visitors but also elevates the level of recognition and respect shown to them, ensuring a dialogue that aligns with their requirements and preferences.

5) He added new value and raised prices.

Drawing from our experience in developing tourism pricing models, we steered Jonathan Porter away from the common practice among tour operators of simply multiplying the public tour price by a factor to determine private tour costs. This approach often overlooks the specific value and customization corporate clients seek.

By introducing psychological pricing strategies, such as price anchoring, we helped Chicago Pizza Tours showcase a spectrum of pricing options.

Recognizing that corporate clients do not have a benchmark for the cost of unique experiences, price anchoring allowed us to present multiple pricing tiers, making it evident that the value provided at each level justifies the cost. This methodology enables corporate clients to compare different levels of service and pricing, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Through this refined pricing strategy, Jonathan has been better equipped to finalize deals with corporate groups, effectively communicating the added value at each price point and ensuring the offerings align with clients’ expectations and budgetary constraints.

6) He has better systems for B2B sales

With our assistance, Jonathan Porter has transformed his approach to B2B sales, achieving not only a structured sales process but also significantly reducing his stress levels.

He now utilizes a comprehensive set of tools, including targeted outreach tactics and customized sales collateral, to effectively communicate with potential clients. This structured approach ensures more consistent follow-ups, guaranteeing that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Moreover, we’ve worked with Jonathan to develop a suite of training materials and standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are instrumental in streamlining the onboarding process for new team members.


These resources are designed to facilitate quick learning and integration into the team, ensuring that new hires can effectively contribute to growing private tour sales. This focus on developing robust systems and processes has not only enhanced the efficiency of sales operations but has also laid a solid foundation for scaling the business.

By bringing organization and clarity to sales strategies, Jonathan is better positioned to drive growth, manage his team, and ultimately, increase revenue from corporate group experiences with less personal strain and more strategic focus.

Friendship and Creative Collaborations

Beyond the professional advancements and strategic business developments, the collaboration between Jonathan Porter and Joe Martin of UpLevel extends into a genuine friendship that has flourished over the years.

Their partnership, rooted in mutual respect and shared visions for innovation, has led to creative endeavors beyond the conventional scope of their industries. Together, they have teamed up with companies like American Ghost Walks to offer unique, Halloween-themed pizza tours, blending culinary delights with the intrigue of ghost stories. This inventive concept underscores their ability to merge fun and business, creating memorable experiences that stand out in the market.

Their camaraderie and successful collaborations have not gone unnoticed. Recently, Joe and Jonathan were featured together in a celebratory video after Chicago Pizza Tours was acclaimed as the “World’s Greatest.” This recognition is a testament to their combined efforts, creativity, and the dynamic partnership they’ve nurtured.

Far more than just business associates, their relationship exemplifies how strong bonds can lead to exceptional achievements and recognition in the industry.

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