As always, our focus at UpLevel is on our community. We were thrilled to hear from operators in four countries at this Town Hall about the challenges and successes they’ve had with their own corporate tour endeavors. This open exchange of ideas to help each other flourish is what UpLevel is all about.

Key takeaways we heard from our attendees

  • Kay Atkinson of Yorkshire Appetite in Yorkshire, UK thinks she’ll find success tapping into the slate of upcoming corporate conferences that are beginning to return to her market. She faces a few challenges, however, including a concern that the venues where she takes her public tours might be too small to host larger corporate events.
  • Karen Anderson of Alberta Food Tours in Calgary has had success reaching out to corporate clients she worked with prior to the pandemic. She’s found that many of them have moved jobs, which automatically expands her reach and gives her the opportunity to onboard new companies into her client portfolio.Hear more from Karen in this video clip from the Town Hall.
  • Heather Fortes of SacTown Bites in Sacramento has been working with her local visitor’s bureau to tap into the conference market. She’s also had success with repeat corporate business by simply staying in touch with her past clients over email. She’s a new business, and finds it challenging to focus on the growth of her corporate event with everything else she has to do to build her brand. We can relate!
  • UpLevel’s own Adam Boles shared his ideas for reaching out to new corporate contacts using LinkedIn. Hear more from Adam in this video clip from the town hall.

Watch the Presentation

We were excited to offer our strategy overview for building a foundation to attract and keep corporate experience clients.

  1. Define your One Target Guest — know exactly who you’re talking to when having your sales conversation about why your events are perfect for corporate groups.
  2. Create a Corporate Events Page — A specific page on your website targeting corporate groups lets you have a more targeted, productive conversation with your potential clients. It also serves as a great landing page to direct traffic from ads, emails, and social media posts.
  3. Implement an Email Strategy to Increase LTV — Once you’ve sent a client on one tour, you have an opportunity to continue your conversation with them and turn them into returning guests. Their Lifetime Value (LTV) increases when you send them follow-ups and reminders over a set period of time, encouraging them to book again or try your other tour products with friends and family.

Private and corporate events can offer tour operators an opportunity to foster regular client relationships in their local markets, and increase their margins with more expensive tour products.



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This year we will continue to explore new strategies to grow your corporate and private tour business.

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