Having worked directly with over 200 companies, Joe and Shaun have become the go-to resources for operators dreaming of business growth. Together, they’ve built a world-class team at UpLevel Tourism, dedicated to developing the teams, systems, and processes tour operators need to thrive.

Let’s dive into six transformative strategies they’re using to reshape the tourism industry alongside their clients.

$100k+ in Corporate Tours

Imagine turning the industry standard on its head with a corporate tours page that converts at 11%. This isn’t just a dream; it’s the reality for our clients, thanks to the persuasive power of carefully crafted copywriting.

It’s about finding the right words that speak directly to the heart of your One Target Guest™, then turning that curiosity into action. This exceptional conversion rate translates into significant revenue, demonstrating the untapped potential in specializing your offerings for corporate groups.

Learn how one tour closed $100k in corporate groups in just 6 months.

Email Marketing: The Gateway to Increased Engagement

Through strategic email marketing, we’ve witnessed a remarkable 26% uptick in site visits. Our approach is hands-on: we draft the emails, refine the message with our client’s input, and target the right segment of their audience.

This not only builds a dedicated community around your brand but also enhances guest lifetime value while actively reducing acquisition costs.

Doubling Down on Website Conversion Rates

Switching from a free FareHarbor site to UpLevel’s custom website solution has seen conversion rates double. This shift not only boosts ticket sales but also cuts down on the costs tied to OTA fees.

One of our coveted secrets? Replacing the typical ‘Buy Tickets’ or ‘Book Now’ button with a simple ‘See Dates,’ leading to a 25% increase in conversions.

It’s the small changes like this that often make the biggest difference.

Building a Robust Email List

At Savannah Taste, Stu has mastered the art of email capture, amassing over 5,000 addresses by offering value through Digital Guidebooks.

This strategy doesn’t just add to the numbers; it creates a foundation for upselling, promoting complementary products, and generating referrals, significantly impacting the bottom line. It also does one of our favorite things — actively reducing acquisition costs.

A Collaboration Breathing New Life into Tours

The partnership between American Ghost Walks and Chicago Pizza Tours is a prime example of how creativity and collaboration can rejuvenate existing offerings.

By combining ghost tours with the allure of deep-dish pizza, they’ve crafted a unique, seasonal city experience that captivates locals, showcasing the power of innovative collaboration and PR.

Streamlining Sales for Greater Revenue

In today’s competitive landscape, a structured sales process is no longer optional—it’s essential. Our work with various tour companies has dramatically increased corporate group bookings; proving that a clear, transparent approach to sales can significantly elevate your business’s profitability fast.

Joe Martin and Shaun Thomas’s journey through the world of tourism is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and strategic thinking. At UpLevel Tourism, they’re not just changing the game; they’re setting a new standard for what’s possible in the industry.


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